December 16, 2012

How to: Prevent Acnes

I used to have a problem with my face. There were so many acnes on my forehead and chin, and also comedoes on my nose.

After years, I knew the best ways for me to prevent the acnes come back to my face. I said ways because it's a comprehensive strategy that consider many aspect of your body and life. Hehe

Okay, here are the ways:

1. Stay clean. Inside and outside. Eat food that has many vit E and anti oxidant effect and also drink enough water. It will make you healthier and clean inside.

Don't forget to clean your face from dirt. Don't clean your face more than twice a day. The best times to clean your face are in the morning when you just woke up, and in the night after all your activities, before you sleep.

My favorite way to clean my face is using the milk cleanser. Because milk cleanser doesn't make my face dry, and I can give massage to my face when I clean it. Even my skin is oily, I don't use the milk cleanser for oily skin. Because the formula will make my skin too dry and it irritates my skin.

Don't forget to choose the milk cleanser that water based.

What you use to clean the milk cleanser is matter. I use facial cotton to clean it up. The brand I use is Selection. It has good cotton fiber that helps you to clean the cleanser and also the dirt perfectly.

Toner? I don't use toner :)

Make sure your hand clean, specially when you want to touch your face. If you have a bad habit like I used to have (when I think much I will touch my face, sometimes scratch it) better you keep your nails short.

Hair cleanness is necessary. I always sleep with clean body and hair. Before going to sleep, make sure that you always take bath. Sleeping with a clean body and hair not only prevent acnes but also make your sleep better.

Sometimes I also use facial foam. My favorite facial foam is Oriflame Pure Nature Acai and Pomegranate, because it doesn't have so much foam that would make my ski dry.

2. Keep your face moisturized. Yepp. Although you have an oily skin face, you still have to apply moisturizer to your face. It helps you to protect your skin from sunlight and dirt. Healthier skin means less acnes :)

If the the purpose of the day cream is to protect your skin, the night cream means to recover your skin. After cleaning your face, yoh have to apply the night cream. Before I meet the cream for my face, I did trial and error. All you have to do is try the cream from any brand, and feel if it has any effect or not. The effects are various, is it make gou skin irritated? Is it make acnes coming back? Does it have no effect? Is it improving my skin? The cream is perfectly match to you if it improve your skin :)

Choose the cream that water based.

The best brand for my skin is Olay. I use the total effects series. The day and the night.

3. What you use for your hair is affecting your skin face.

Yes! It is not a myth. One of my problems is the formula of shampoo and conditioner I used to use. It makes the acnes come back. I used to let my hair dry because I was affraid to use any shampoo that has conditioner formula. But then, I started to try all the brand I know. Because I cannot let my hair sick!

After trial and error, I found the besf for me. It is L'Oreal total repair.

Okay, those are the ways :)
The brands I said here are the brands that match for me. You have to find your own. Because the formula has different effect to different skin. The products don't have to be the expensive brand. Just find the one that match for you. After you found them, you'll be with them forever. Hehehe

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