September 13, 2012

Ocean Blue Eye Makeup

After getting bored with green, I try to wear another color for my eye makeup. So, today I wore blue! Blue! Blue!
I like this color, but I think this color isn't compliment to my skin tone :(
Well, actually I don't know... Sometimes I look good with this color but sometimes don't. Maybe it's just about choosing the best shade of blue that fits to you :D

Different to my last post, in this post, I documented all the steps :D

I applied the color using my ring finger and my pinkie. I found it faster than using brush, and all the eyeshadow powder got applied to eyelids completely.

For this look I wore three kind of blue, 
first, is this color (look at the second color from your right, above)
I don't what's the name, so let's call it as blue #1

The second color (above, second from left) let's call it as blue #2

The third (above, third from left), blue #3

1. Primer your eyes, to make the colors stand longer. If you don't have any eye primer, you can apply liquid foundation :)

2. Apply the blue #1 using your ring finger just like the picture shows you.

3. Apply the blue #2 above the first one. Apply it until your brow bone. Don't forget to blend the colors.

4. Apply blue #3 in the outer corner of your eyelids. Don't forget to blend :D

5. Using your pinkie, apply blue #1 in the outer corner of you lower lids. And, blend it to the center.

6. You can apply a white eyeliner in you inner corner (waterline). But, because I don't have any white eyeliner right now, I apply a matte white eyeshadow using my pinkie.

7. Line 2/3 of your upper lids using liquid black eyeliner and line 1/2 of your lower lids using pencil liner.
Make a cute wing. Or if you want to, you can make a dramatic eyeliner :D
Don't forget the mascara!

8. Eyes are done :D
Finish your look with peach or baby pink blush, pink or peach lipstick (nude is okay too :D)

 See you in the next post :D

September 07, 2012

My Simple Cute Look

Lately, I love cute things include cute face. What I mean with "cute face" here is a face that looks younger than you really are. Most people lately say Kawaii Face or Ulzzang Face :D

There are so many kind of cute looks. But what I wear daily is the simple and the easiest way, could be the cheapest too. Hehe!

All I need to make this cute look is:
  1. Color Softlens (That bigger than your real lens, I usually use the 14.5 mm lens because it's not so big but big enough to make my eyes brighter).
  2. Pink and brown eyeshadow (But I don't really like two tone eyeshadow so I also applied rose color eyeshadow)
  3. The brushes, but you also can use your ring finger to apply all the eyeshadow.
  4. Mascara, choose your favorite
  5. Liquid eyeliner (Liquid eyeliner is really difficult to apply at the first time, but if you keep practicing I'm sure you won't disappointed with the result :D and it lasts longer!)
  6. BB Cream, choose your favorite:)
  7. Blusher, Baby Pink is the best color :D
  8. Nude or pink lipstick

Apply pink eyeshadow to your eyelids, then apply the brown one, at the outer corner of your eyelids.
Don't for to add the brown eyeshadow on the lower eyelids :D
Make a cute winged eyeliner. If you already have big eyes, better you don't apply eyeliner too thick, or your eyes will look smaller.
I like to draw fake eyelashes for the lower eyelashes. Hehe... Just draw some at the corner.
Curl your eyelashes, it's optional :)
In that pic, I didn't curl my eyelashes.

Hairstyling your hair, I like half updo, what about you?

Or, just let your hair free without styling them. But don't forget to brush them XD

Okay, that's all. See you in the next post. Sorry for bad English <3

September 06, 2012

A Friend Photoshoped My Pics

Yesterday, my friend ask me if she could edit my newest pictures... I said, yes, why not?
Well, actually, I edited my pictures already for the contrast, a little bit edited the color to make it looks attractive. But she wanted to change some parts of my face, hehe...

So, here are the pictures :D
The left wasn't edited too much, and the right was edited by my friend.

She made my face looks more chubby, smaller chin and nose, and also brightened my skin tone :D
Which pictures you like more? Edited or not edited that much? Hehe

September 05, 2012

Green, Green, Green! Fresh Eye Makeup

This is my first post! Yaayy!
I just bought a new eyeshadow palette, it has 120 colors. Amazing! I love the colors so much!

Actually, this is not my first trial of this new eyeshadow palette. I ever tried a simple makeup wearing this palette when I attended old friend's wedding reception. 

Okay, in today's chance, I chose green as my color that suit to my my lace bolero. 
So, here's the picture that shows the color of my eye makeup.

First, I applied a lemon yellow from my inner corner eyelids to the whole eyelids.
Then, I put the dark green tosca and applied it to the outer corner of my eyelid, blend it to the center of eyelids :)
The last, applied shimmery lime green at the center of my eyelids. Blend, blend all of the colors well :D
At the first, I just applied conventional winged eyeliner and applied nude lipstick color to my lips (don't forget the nude lipgloss). Here's the look: 

A very calm and fresh look. You can use this kind of eye makeup everyday :)

Then, I tried to make it more dramatic.
So... Let's do "anime eyes" using liquid black eyeliner!

Just like anime eyes which have bold eyelashes, draw fake eyelashes at the outer corner of your eyelids . Don't forget to count how many eyelashes you already drew, just to make sure both eyelids look same ;)

See you in the next post ;)

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