August 26, 2013

MUIMIU Style Mage Giveaway With Itsdiva Lashes

Hello cantik!

To the point aja ya posting kali ini. Hehe... Sesuai dengan namanya, post kali ini aku membicarakan tentang Muimiu Style Mega Giveaway with Itsdiva Lashes. Mega giveaway??? Iya, ini mega karena lashes yang dikasih ga tanggung-tanggung jumlahnya 50 kotak untuk 25 orang pemenang. Wow! Asyik kan? Jadi kesempatan menangmu (dan aku. hihi) pastinya jadi lebih besar!

Itsdiva Lashes apa sih? Aku juga baru pertama kali dengar tentang produsen lashes satu ini. Aku langsung meluncur ke fan page FB nya Itsdiva Lashes untuk cari info.

Itsdiva Lashes adalah produsen bulu mata asli Indonesia. Memiliki berbagai macam model bulu mata dengan kualitas baik dan harga yang terjangkau. Wooooww! Asli Indonesia! Lebih spesifik, Itsdiva Lashes diproduksi di Purbalingga, Jawa Timur, tempat di mana bulu mata berkualitas Internasional berasal. Double Wow!

Asyik kan hadiahnya? Jadi, ayo langsung meluncur ke blog MUIMIU STYLE Blog dengan meng-klik banner ini:

August 24, 2013

I'm The Water Nymph

I am nymph, a mythical creature from Greek mythology. 

My form is like a beautiful woman with nature feature.

I'm not a goddess. 

I'm a divine spirit of the nature.

I love to dance and sing.

I am the Water Nymph.

Collaborative Works Part III: Twilight Saga (TIA)

Hello guys!
Finally I join the collaborative works part III with Iva, Sanny, Devy, Sasya, Melissa, Riyanti, Lauren and Nadia <3 The theme is Twilight Saga. Each one of us chose a character of this saga and recreate the make up look.

 Nadya as Rosalie
Lauren as Carmen
Melissa as Kate
Riyanti as Victoria
Sasya as Jane
Sanny as Alice
Iva as Bella
Devy as Zafrina

Me as Tia from The Egyptian Coven. Yep, yep, she wasn't the main character. She only appeared in Breaking Dawn Part II. I chose her because her skin tone was just like mine ;) and her make up was pretty easy :P

So, here's Tia
(Owowowow what a sexy mysterious yet intimating eyes XD)

And, this is me:

This picture was edited by Devy. Thanks Devy :* You helped me to achieve the more vampy look. Hihi

Do you wanna see the unedited picture?
This is it

This one is edited by me. Amateur... Haha

I tried to pose like her but pffftttt it was failed >_<

Here's the detail of the eyes, 

I only wore two colors of eyeshadow, first was wood brown all over my eyelids and to create the shade on the inner side if my eyes and the second was gold to highlight the browbone and to soften the outer edge of brown eyeshadow. Tadaaa! It's simple, right?

I noticed that the eye makeup of the vampires in Twilight Saga is about smokey or shading on the inner side of eyes to create a deeper eyes. Why? Because They don't sleep so they have sleepless eyes (Which kinda confusing me, actually)

To be more like Tia, I tried to reshape my eyebrows just like hers but I think I failed :P

The lips is just deep berry red. But I don't have the one similar to Tia's Lipstick so I mix my red lipstick, toffee lipstick and brown eyeshadow to get the red. Before I apply the lipstick, I line my lips with black eyeliner and smudge it. It helps me to get the darker edge.

This is my first time recreate a make up look. So, It has many flaws >_<

Don't forget to visit my friends' blogs to see their make up look :D
They are so great! You have to see them.

See you in next post.

August 01, 2013

Purple Dream

Wah, It has been a very long time since my last FOTD post! So here I am writing a post about my face today (which I don't wear outside, just having fun with my make up kit). The colors are my favorite, purple and pink! Woohoo!

I don't blending eyeshadow for weeks, so, honestly I'm not satisfied with the result >_< But still I want to write a post about it. Here we go, the tutorial:

I wear 5 colors,

Purple as the main color
Pink as the secondary color
Black as shading
Canary as inner corner and browbone highlighter
White to soften the edge

Here's the result:

And here are the pictures of me wearing this eye make up:

Blur >_< :P

Udah ah, ga akan panjang2 post kali ini.
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