About Me

Hello! I'm Falaqie Nila, a girl who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love make up and colors. I review some beauty products and create some make up looks (I love to share colorful EOTD (Eyes Of The Day) as well.

Currently work with Japan Softlens and Yukkiyuna.

Here are some details of my skin and my favorite things:

Skin type: Combination ( Oily on T-zone, Dry on cheeks)
Skin tone: Warm Medium - Tan
Skin problem: Pigmentation, acne

Favorite things: Cat, Lace, Fluffy things, colorful pastel things, Orchids

Music genre: Symphonic Rock, Rock, Pop, 

Favorite Band/Singer/Musician: Within Temptation, Dream Theater, Chihiro Onitsuka, Alice Nine

Contact Me faranirabeauty@gmail.com


  1. kakak bagi pin dong,,, aku pengen bisa ngedesain blog kaya punya kakak. karena aku newbie bgt

    1. Halo dear, maaf aku baru lihat komentarmu sekarang. Kalau mau desain blog bisa pesan di contact.sophiesgarden@gmail.com ya :)


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