February 23, 2013

Review: Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner

Hi Sweeties! Today I make a review about Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner. I don't have these items, my friend borrows me hers so I can make a review about them.
Oriflame used to have series named Oriflame Visions, but the products weren't really good especially the color intensity (really bad). They were the cheapest series of Oriflame.

To replace the Visions series, Oriflame made Very Me series that fit for active teenagers and young women. Some of their very first products was Clickit (Eyeliners, Mascaras, Lip glosses and Lip stains). It's better than Visions and not too expensive.

Here is the picture of Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner

Click on the picture to go to Oriflame Indonesia Website
It has many colors, black, grey, green, blue and brown. I think they had purple but I checked their website they didn't say purple. Except black, all of them are glittery.

It's really small, easy to put in your small makeup bag. But the silver part on its packaging will fade easily, so all you get is only the black one. Here are the pictures:

With Clickit Connector you can connect your favorite combination (mascara+eyeliner or  lip stain+mascara)

The packaging is nice for the beginning but then it becomes really ugly. The connector idea is nice.

I love the thin brush they have. It makes you can get the line as thin as possible.

No flash
With flash

The intensity is good! 

smudge test
It passed the smudge test! It doesn't fade but the glitter spreads. BUT it's NOT WATERPROOF.

I didn't find any difficulty when I apply them. The thin brush is so amazing. I can make a very slim line.

It hurts my eyes so much! I can't stand to wear it longer because it makes my eyes sting and heat. It's my first time ever to get my eyes hurt because of eyeliners. I have Oriflame Stylo which has a very gentle formula, even if I accidentally touch my eyeball with Oriflame Stylo, it doesn't make my eyes hurt.

Because of this disaster, I don't know how long it can stand. But friends said if your eyelids are oily it doesn't stay for long time. So, better to apply a good base first.

I have some friends who already use this product. They don't complain anything about this product. They love it. So, I think it doesn't happen to everyone.

Price: Rp49.900 (Catalogue price)
Repurchase: No (or in proper statement, I will not buy this product) 

But hey, people say that Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip Stain is good. I wanna try it.

Okay, That's all my review about Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner. Hope you find it helpful.


  1. I've never tried Oriflame cosmetics but by lookin at them they are looking gorgeous <3

    1. They have many good products :)
      But this one I tried is not that good instead it hurt my eyes... :(

      Oriflame is only available in some countries, you can check about it on its website :)
      They don't have store.

  2. Interesting idea for the connector. Hmm My eyelids are sensitive so I think I'm gonna refrain from using this one.

    1. Yes, the connector is nice...

      Better you avoid this product if your eyelids is sensitive. Really, it hurt my eyes :(

  3. rapi gt ya :) ga mahal lagi harganya. nice review ;)

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Iya, aplikatornya bagus, jadi bisa buat garis yang rapi dan tipis. Harganya murah tapi kalau daerah matamu sensitif sebaiknya hindari produk ini karena terasa perih dan panas walau ga terkena ke bola matamu...

  4. Ah man. My eyes are really sensitive and they will go crazy with certain products, really itchy and uncomfortable. This has become a problem lately, so I feel your pain! :(

    1. Yes, it was very hurt :(
      Now I realize that my eye part is more sensitive than i thought, so I'll be more careful when choosing eye makeup :)


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