February 06, 2013

Tropical Valentine -No Pink Makeup Look Inspiration-

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Do you need any No Pink Valentine Makeup Look Inspiration? Aha! I have something to share with you my choice for this year Valentine's Day Makeup. I want it fresh, natural and cute XD

So, I chose the sunset orange, canary color and green for my eye makeup. It's a fresh look for No Pink Valentine Makeup Look Inspiration.

See? So fresh, right?
This eye makeup fits for you who have warm skin tone :)
It will make your skin looks brighter and fresher.

For the lips, just apply a nude color lipstick. If you don't like the pale effect of it, just apply the matte red lipstick in the center of you lips. Tadaa... The nude lips become fresher.

And... Here some pictures of this look :)
(Ehe... Narsis boleh yaa :P)

I submitted this look for Indonesia Beauty Blogger February 2013 Makeup Challenge. The theme is No Pink Valentine Makeup :)
The prize is from Make Over. The detail please visit IBB web page (click the banner below).

Step by Step

Product I wear:


Oriflame Veryme Concealer
Maybelline Clear and Smooth Shine Free Face Powder -Honey-


Oriflame Tender Care -Caramel-
Oriflame Pure Color -Vintage Nude-
Maybelline Color Sensational -625 Are You Red-dy-


Sunset Orang Eyeshadow
Canary Eyeshadow
Green Eyeshadow
(120 colors Eyeshadow Palette)
Maybelline Hypercurl
Maybelline Magnum
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner -black-
Oriflame Veryme Double Trouble -Night Glow-

The Tutorial will be posted soon :)

Hope you like this No Pink Valentine Makeup Look Inspiration ;)


  1. Hi cantik. Suka sama rainbownya :))

    Aku new follower ya...

    Visit my blog. Kalau suka bole lho folbek ;))


    1. Hai Medina

      Makasih banget udah berkunjung dan follow blogku XD

      Suka dong sm blogmu,,, hehe.. udah ku folbek ya

  2. sukaa banget ama makeupnya, perpaduan warna hijau sama peachnya, cakep bangett!! love it so muach!! smg menang ya ^^

    1. Hehehe... Dua warna itu yang paling ngebuat kulitku lebih cerah ^_^
      Thank you dear XD

  3. hello gorgeous.. :D
    ahahha... cakep banget! bikin muka kamu jadi fresh banget..
    good luck buat kontesnya ya fara, aku doain menang deh..

    1. Wah... Thank you banget Yani XD
      Butuh waktu lama banget buat aku untuk tau warna apa yang paling bagus di kulitku... Hehe

      Makasih atas doanya <3 Hehe

  4. Cakep deh eye make-upnya...
    Good luck buat kontesnya!!

  5. Oh my goodness this is such a gorgeous look! Beautiful <3

    1. Thank you Anna :)
      Thank you for visiting my blog ^_^


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