February 19, 2013

Just Some Boxes and Basket Made from Paper

Hello sweeties!
I can't sleep tonight, because my kitten is sick. So, while accompany him, I'm thinking of making a post now. I'm not going to write a desperate post, instead I'm writing a colorful post! Haha...

I'm gonna show you some boxes and basket I made with my sister. They are made from papers! It's very useful and cute :D

I don't know where did my sister got this tutorial. I'll find out when she wake up. (UPDATE! You can find many cute and useful paper craft and origami tutorial on this awesome website PAPER KAWAII)

Here are some picture of them :)

So, what do think about these boxes and basket that made from papers? 


  1. Wow, they look really nice! Hard to believe they are DIY.

    1. Yes! i can't believe that origami can be so useful for storage :D

  2. Replies
    1. I get the tutorial here http://www.paperkawaii.com/

      You can find many cute and useful things there :D


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