February 26, 2013

In The Name of Colors FB Page

Hola Sweeties!
I just made a FB Page (click here) of this blog. I think it's necessary because:

1. I never share anything about beauty or about things I write here on my personal FB account.
2. Some of you may think that some of my statuses aren't interesting because it's out of beauty topic (They are usually about politics, philosophy or just random thought of me which I post in Bahasa Indonesia).
3. To keep you and I keep in touch every time we want!

Actually there are many reason why do I think I must make a FB Page of this blog. But three reasons above are the important ones.

Okay, so, because this FB Page is still a little newborn baby, would you mind to give her some love by "like"ing her?
I really appreciate it! 
Thank you!


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  2. Sudah aku like... Visit my fb page too https://www.facebook.com/sekarsucis

  3. great blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


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