March 25, 2013

Mosaic Butterfly Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi girls!
Today, I fulfill my duty to the girls who've requested the tutorial of Butterfly Eye Makeup. I uploaded a video tutorial on my youtube channel. I think, it would be easier for me to show you how I create the Butterfly Eye Makeup via a video. So, this is it, a video tutorial of Butterfly Eye Makeup.

This video has many flaws (as many as my skin's).

Hope you find it helpful.
And... Let me know what you think by commenting on my blog or my youtube channel. Thank you :)

March 19, 2013

Baobella: An Online Beauty Community

 Few days ago I got an email about a new online beauty community named Baobella that launched in December 2012. You can visit their website here At that night I registered to Baobella right after reading the email. I always get excited to an online beauty community (especially the new one :D).

I love their website. It looks nice, cute, and more friendly for a new user than other online beauty community I ever knew. 

The picture above shows you the appearance of Baobella. Nice color, right? You can easily find the register button at the right corner as the arrow shows. Then, you'll be ask to register by your Facebook account or your email account.

Few days ago they held a competition. The competition was Blogger Go Pro (CMIIW). The prize is get a course (CMIIW) in a Makeup School. This competition is closed now.

Now, they have something cool (The Blogger Go Pro was awesome) to promote Baobella. Give LOVE to a look and write a comment. You'll get chance to win the Chanel Lipstick and a set of beauty goodies worth £80!! Cool, right?

Here, people can ask anything about beauty such beauty tips, makeup tips, and any advices about beauty. Sometimes if we want something too specific, the search engine can't give us the thing we exactly want. So, better to ask the people on Baobella to give you the answer and advices. Just put the cursor on the +add button and choose the "add talk menu". Simple, right?

Last, but not least, I wanna show you the featured looks. They choose some looks from member's picture and they put it in Baobella home. Just get a tweet that they've featured my look :)

The Butterfly Eyes that I called "Mosaic Butterfly". Oops, it still doesn't get much love, please give it some love by click on the love button (that will appear if you put the cursor on the picture). Join, love the looks, give them comment, and get chance to win the Chanel Lipstick and a set of beauty goodies worth £80!!

(It's not sponsored. Just got excited about this :D)

March 17, 2013

Butterfly Eyes (finally~!)

Hola Sweeties!
Finally, I created a butterfly eyes I want to create (hm...). If you follow my instagram you would see sketches I drew after the first trial (that fail). I also created the second trial (still failed I think).

The third is the one I love most. I love the color, the size. But still it's imperfect. The detail wasn't draw boldly so it didn't appear in the pictures.

Here's the sketch I created (sorry for the bad drawing, but the butterfly is detail, right? Hehe)

And, these are pictures od the final look:

Eyeshadow colors I wear are purple, turquoise, blue and yellow. They are all glittery.

First I create the sketch on my face by black pencil eyeliner. Then I made it even bolder with Black gel eyeliner.

Apply the eyeshadow with pencil brush.

I combine this eye makeup with pink lips and pale pink cheeks.

As you can see, the final result isn't look like the sketch. The final look doesn't have any detail on the butterfly's wing. It's still a "trial and error" so I don't make a step by step picture. But I will make it later :D

So, what do you think about this butterfly eyes?

March 16, 2013

Butterfly Eyes

Hello Ladies!
Today i tried to create a butterfly eye makeup. I didn't make the step by step because I still learn how to create it. But here are some pictures of my work. It isn't neat, because my hand kept shaking. Hehe. I have unsteady hands :( and because I don't know which is the best eyeliner to create it.

butterfly eye makeup

butterfly eye makeup

So, does it look like butterfly? Hehe
What do you think about this butterfly eye makeup? I need some advices!

March 09, 2013

Beautytreats Indonesia is Indonesian's Beauty Box

Hai sweeties! Kali ini aku menulis post dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena apa yang aku tulis sekarang adalah tentang beauty box yang baru saja hadir di Indonesia. Namanya adalah Beautytreats Indonesia. Beautytreats Indonesia ini adalah Indonesian's Beauty Box service.

Apa sih beauty box itu? Kalau kalian suka pantengin para makeup guru di youtube atau blog, kalian pasti sudah tidak asing dengan istilah ini. Ada banyak video di mana mereka mengajak kita melihat kejutan kecantikan apa yang terbungkus dalam box. Singkatnya, beauty box adalah istilah yang merujuk pada box yang isinya adalah produk-produk kecantikan disesuaikan dengan profil pelanggan (seperti jenis kulit, kesukaan, style, dll). Kamu tidak akan tahu apa isi dari box yang datang ke rumahmu sampai kamu membukanya. Seru kan?

Keuntungan lain dari menggunakan layanan beauty box adalah kamu tidak perlu bersusah payah dan mengeluarkan banyak uang untuk mencari produk mana yang cocok untukmu. Layanan beauty box akan mencarikan produk-produk dalam bentuk sample yang bisa kamu coba dan kamu ketahui hasilnya. Terdengar menarik, kan?

Akhir tahun 2012 lalu, ada beberapa layanan beauty box yang mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan segera launching. Salah satunya adalah Beautytreats Indonesia (dan ini adalah yang langsung mendapatkan perhatianku). Tepat di hari ini, mereka telah merilis web versi beta, dan membuka formulir untuk berlangganan. Untuk layanan pertama, Beautytreats Indonesia hanya akan mengeluarkan 500 beauty box saja. So, ayo cepat kunjungi webnya di

Berapa harga untuk berlangganan beauty box di Beautytreats Indonesia ini? Biaya berlangganan satu bulan (beli sekali) adalah Rp95.000 dan kamu bisa dapatkan 5-7 produk/sample di dalamnya :D Sounds nice, right? Kalau kamu memutuskan berlangganan untuk seterusnya, bisa juga langsung mengambil berlanggan 6 bulan atau 12 bulan (tentu saja dengan potongan harga :))

Web versi beta Beautytreats Indonesia
Bagaimana cara berlangganan beauty box dari Beautytreats Indonesia? Caranya sangat mudah. Masuk ke web Beautytreats Indonesia, kemudian lakukan registrasi dengan meng-klik tombol register di kanan atas. Nanti akan muncul form registrasi. Yang aku suka dari web ini adalah, registrasinya sangat mudah, dan aku sama sekali tidak menemukan kesulitan ketika melakukan registrasi dan berlangganan :)

Untuk terus mendapatkan update terbaru dari Beautytreats Indonesia, kamu bisa kunjungi:

or send email to:
Phone: 021-41476854

(it's not sponsored. I write this post just because I got so excited to know finally there is a beauty box service in Indonesia)

March 07, 2013

Teal Project!

Hello Sweeties!
Teal! Teal! Who loves teal? I love this color. When I play War Craft (PC Game) I will choose teal for my hero color :) (Ah, such a wonderful moment). So, today I wore teal color for my eye makeup, I combined it with the darker turquoise and black (to make it even darker). As usual, I made a step by step picture, to let you know how I create this look (so you can tell me if I did something wrong in the process).

Here is the step by step

Fake lashes, fake lashes everywhere! My lashes are so rare, so I have to add fake lashes to create more dramatic look.

This makeup isn't really neat (I'm sorry). 

Aha! Another picture of me. I love to take pictures of myself since I knew my best angle :P

See you in the next post of my "learn how to wear makeup adventure"

March 05, 2013


 Finally, I decided to post this entry of GIG MAKEUP COLAB today! I used to plan to post it today, but after visiting Rica from Akirah's Touch entry, my confidence suddenly falls down to the deepest sea. She done it really good!!! I wanted to make something spectacular too, but then I realize that I always mess up when trying a decorative makeup :P

So, here are the pictures of my work for GIG MAKEUP COLAB. Simple, wearable, and me. Hehe...

Step by step:

Other pictures:

I made a pastel rainbow with long wings. So it looks like a bridge of rainbow :)
To make it looks different I put a star. I made it from a yellow paper.

The eyeshadow is from BH 120 colors eyeshadow palette first edition.
The eyeliner is Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black.
For the lips, I wear Oriflame Wondel Color Lip Liner in Pink and Maybelline Water Shine in P12.

I made a messy pony tail (because there's a picture of pony on GIG

And, the last, the picture with a sign ♥ GIG! I'm sorry for that ugly handwriting >_<

Someday, I'll try to make a decorative makeup!

Dark Rainbow Makeup

Hi Sweeties! (I feel) It has been a very long time since my last makeup post! Suddenly I got the feeling to make it today. Haha! Today's makeup inspiration is rainbow. i called it Dark Rainbow, because it doesn't look bright :P (yudonseh) (I'm not creative in making a name).

As usual, I made the step by step picture to show you how I make this look :D
FYI, I didn't use any brushes for the eyeshadow, I only used my fingers tips. It makes eyeshadow blend better, I think.

Dark Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

I forgot that rainbow has purple on it, instead I applied the dark blue to replace indigo -__-
That's why this rainbow looks dark.

I combined this eye makeup with pale pink blush and sheer red lipstick and lipgloss.

Hm, now I'm thinking that this eye makeup isn't that dark -__-;;

So, I darken the lip color by add black eyeshadow around my lips. It makes the red looks like dark berry (?). I messed my hair, to make the dark side appear. Haha... 

Ahaha... Failed experiment :P
So, What do you think about this look?

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