March 16, 2013

Butterfly Eyes

Hello Ladies!
Today i tried to create a butterfly eye makeup. I didn't make the step by step because I still learn how to create it. But here are some pictures of my work. It isn't neat, because my hand kept shaking. Hehe. I have unsteady hands :( and because I don't know which is the best eyeliner to create it.

butterfly eye makeup

butterfly eye makeup

So, does it look like butterfly? Hehe
What do you think about this butterfly eye makeup? I need some advices!


  1. Looks so good !

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  2. This is wonderful! I love it! And yes it does look like a butterfly!

  3. kayak kupu" di papua yg q lihat di taman kupu" xD

  4. this is so cool! love it! :))

    if you wanna to follow each other, let me know :)))


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