March 19, 2013

Baobella: An Online Beauty Community

 Few days ago I got an email about a new online beauty community named Baobella that launched in December 2012. You can visit their website here At that night I registered to Baobella right after reading the email. I always get excited to an online beauty community (especially the new one :D).

I love their website. It looks nice, cute, and more friendly for a new user than other online beauty community I ever knew. 

The picture above shows you the appearance of Baobella. Nice color, right? You can easily find the register button at the right corner as the arrow shows. Then, you'll be ask to register by your Facebook account or your email account.

Few days ago they held a competition. The competition was Blogger Go Pro (CMIIW). The prize is get a course (CMIIW) in a Makeup School. This competition is closed now.

Now, they have something cool (The Blogger Go Pro was awesome) to promote Baobella. Give LOVE to a look and write a comment. You'll get chance to win the Chanel Lipstick and a set of beauty goodies worth £80!! Cool, right?

Here, people can ask anything about beauty such beauty tips, makeup tips, and any advices about beauty. Sometimes if we want something too specific, the search engine can't give us the thing we exactly want. So, better to ask the people on Baobella to give you the answer and advices. Just put the cursor on the +add button and choose the "add talk menu". Simple, right?

Last, but not least, I wanna show you the featured looks. They choose some looks from member's picture and they put it in Baobella home. Just get a tweet that they've featured my look :)

The Butterfly Eyes that I called "Mosaic Butterfly". Oops, it still doesn't get much love, please give it some love by click on the love button (that will appear if you put the cursor on the picture). Join, love the looks, give them comment, and get chance to win the Chanel Lipstick and a set of beauty goodies worth £80!!

(It's not sponsored. Just got excited about this :D)

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