March 07, 2013

Teal Project!

Hello Sweeties!
Teal! Teal! Who loves teal? I love this color. When I play War Craft (PC Game) I will choose teal for my hero color :) (Ah, such a wonderful moment). So, today I wore teal color for my eye makeup, I combined it with the darker turquoise and black (to make it even darker). As usual, I made a step by step picture, to let you know how I create this look (so you can tell me if I did something wrong in the process).

Here is the step by step

Fake lashes, fake lashes everywhere! My lashes are so rare, so I have to add fake lashes to create more dramatic look.

This makeup isn't really neat (I'm sorry). 

Aha! Another picture of me. I love to take pictures of myself since I knew my best angle :P

See you in the next post of my "learn how to wear makeup adventure"


  1. Hey!
    Nice post and blog..
    Amazing make-up..
    Maybe u want to follow each other?
    If u wanna let me know..
    Follow me and I follow u! ♥

    Love, Jackffy

    1. Hi!
      Thank you
      Sure, I followed your blog :)

  2. wow! Nice look! really pretty eyes! :)

  3. cantik banget eyeshadownya..birunya bagus banget...
    alisnya bagus say..aku gak jago bikin alis..huhuhu..

    follow me back ya..

    1. Hi Yunda!
      Iya, ini birunya ga biru beneran :D
      Alisnya cuma aku rapihin yang kecil2 deket kelopak mata, karena aku juga gak jago ngebentuk alis, jadi cuma bisa ikutin bentuk aslinya aja XD

      Okay, aku follow yah :D


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