April 19, 2014

L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Mascara

I got a new baby that I love so much! It's L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Mascara which is released this year. It's one of 3 L'Oreal's new products.

The packaging:
I don't like the packaging. Really. It looks cheap in real life, in my opinion. And quite bulky for a mascara. It's made from plastic (it's not the problem) with blue accents. The blue itself is nice but the design is not pretty and it's made from... err... I don't know what it is but it's fade easily and makes the whole package doesn't look pretty. The silver and blue is nice but I hope they could make it prettier than that -->

L'Oreal always have a nice packaging for their products, so, I don't know what's happened with this one.

The brush:
It's a unique asymmetrical brush, which works really well. The longer brush helps me to reach the part of my eyelash that some mascara brushes can't reach. I don't find any uncomfortable thing with the brush. It's just fine, smooth and works well. I love the brush. It's one of some reason why I love this mascara so much.

The formula:
It's waterproof and it has a good staying power. It's doesn't leave any stain after I wear it for hours. But many mascara is waterproof and has a good staying power too. Yes it is. But this one is really easy to be removed. 
My main problem with waterproof mascara is about getting it removed well. I don't like to wear a not waterproof mascara because it always leaves black stains under my eyes. So, False Lash Butterfly Mascara is perfect for me. It's waterproof and can be removed easily.

The result:
All good points above will be useless unless the result is good. Don't worry. The result is really good and it satisfy me. Just look at the pictures below and you'll see why I love this mascara.
Amazing, right?
Ok, that's my review about L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Mascara, I hope it's tempting enough for you. Lol. See you in next post!


  1. Walaupun packaging nya jelek tapi hasilnya bagus banget
    Nice review kak,salam kenal

  2. Setuju banget kalo packagingnya kelihatan cheap. Pas aku liat di Guardian malah tulisan di packagingnya udah ilang2an gitu. Jadi males buat beli hahahah.. But the result looks great!



  3. Hai hai...

    Wahhhh... kemarin liat maskara ini dan pengen banget nyobain.

    Makasih ya reviewnyaaaa....

    Ngebantu banget....



  4. Iya kan ya... siapa sangka dari wadah yang kayak gitu ternyata ada mascara bagus di dalamnya... haha

  5. Haiii
    Sama2 :D

    Mascara ini harus dicoba :D

  6. Hai, salam kenal juga
    Mascara ini pantas dicoba dan aku jamin bisa jadi salah mascara favorit :D


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