April 20, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Review

I didn't have any interest with nail polish before. But lately my sister starts collecting some nail polishes and creating some nail arts. And I find it cute to put some colors on top of our nails. So, now I also have interest with nail polishes. Last nail polish I bought is from Maybelline from their lastest collection, Color Show. I bought the 502 (Velvet Wine) and the 211 (Coral Craze).

 The packaging:

Just like another nail polish package, it's made from glass with a plastic top. The black and plain glass seems really nice. It's simple and it brings out the nail polish colors well.

The code and name of colors on top makes it easier to see what color it is.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish comes with a small package. I don't know how many ml it's because I couldn't find the description (The glass is totally plain). But I like a small package, because it makes the price more affordable.

The applicator:

The applicator has a common size, length, and thickness. It is not big so it is suitable for you who has narrow nails.

The color and formula:

This nail polish dries fast and easy to be applied. First layer is enough but if you want you can also make it 2-3 layers. But this nail polish doesn't stay long. You have to put top coat to make it longer.

The color is nice. It appears beautifully in 1 layer.
All the pictures below show you how this nail polish with 1 layer.

Velvet Wine (glittery) 1 layer without top coat
Velvet Wine (glittery) 1 layer without top coat
Coral Craze 1 layer without top coat

Coral Craze 1 layer without top coat
 Overall, I like this nail polish. I will buy more colors because they have a lot beautiful colors :D


  1. waaaah pengen yang velvet wine, bagus bangeett! *masukin wishlist*
    maybelline isinya 7ml kak btw hehehe :D


  2. Iyaaa velvet wine bagus banget XD
    Oh...7ml ya.. aku puter2 wadahnya ga kliatan tulisannya... hehe
    thanks ya


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