September 11, 2013

As Red As Red Roses

I really love lipsticks. Especially the red one. Bright or dark red are gorgeous and elegant.

Red rose is my favorite flower. It's beautiful. I can spend times just staring at it.

Those two reds always cheer my days.

How to get this red lips?

All you need is:

A Red Lipstick (Mine is Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Red-dy)
Black Pencil Liner (Mine is Maybelline Pencil Liner)
A Shimmer Light Color Eyeshadow (Mine is MUA Undressed Me Too in Shy)
A Lip Brush

Step by Step:

Line your lips with the black pencil liner, and fill the half outer of your lips.

With the lip brush, apply your red lipstick. Make sure you blend the red with the black well.


Make your lips bright and shiny by adding a little amount of shimmer eyeshadow in the center of your lips.

And you're done. The red lips, just like the red of red roses, are yours.


  1. nill postingan kita bisa samaan gini atas bawah red red, sehati ih :* :* bibirnya semok deh cakep haha enak dipakein lipstick ;3

  2. Hahaha... iya nihhh kita emang sehati kayaknya :3
    Tapi aku malah seneng lho va ngeliatin bibir yg imut2 gitu... kesannya lucu dan manis... :*

  3. red red, mirip bgt warna merah mawar ini <3

  4. keren!! suka banged sama red lipstik!!
    you look good on red really fresh !!

  5. I loveee red lip! It looks good on you :) Mind to follow each other?


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