December 27, 2012

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

I accidentally got tagged while reading Harumi's Blog. Haha
I never did any tag before, both in youtube and blog. If you read it, you are tagged! Hehe

1. I loooove to read manga. But now, because its price is getting higher and higher I don't buy a serial story. I only buy the short story manga. Hehe

2. I can't stand from the smell of cucumber. When my mother made a cucumber juice, the smell was spreading around the house, I almost faint (or already faint?? I forgot). That's why I never use cucumber as my skin care.

3. I can crochet! I make bags, hair accessories, and cardigan. I love crochet so much. It helps me control my weight, because when I focus to crochet I don't think about chewing snack. It's a weight loss tips!

4. I sleep easily. Yes! Whenever my head against the pillow, I will sleep in a heartbeat.

5. I always drink a cold water. I know it's not healthy, not good for my heart. But the warm water or the normal temperature water makes me sick.

Okay, those are 5 things you don't know about me that I wanna share with you :D


  1. no3...wew, bisa menyulam ya? belajar dari siapa? trus kalo sudah jadi sulamannya diapakan? pakai sendiri atau disimpan?

    1. Bukan sulam.. tapi merenda :)
      Kayak rajut gitu, tapi kalau rajut yang pakai 2 jarum, ini cm satu jarum :)
      Dipakai dong, masa udah dibuat ga dipakai... hehe


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