December 31, 2012

Maybelline Style Central Indonesia - Eye Speak Contest -

This is a beauty and fashion website develop by Maybelline NY Indonesia. They has announced this website over a month ago. But the official release was about two weeks ago. They invite some beauty blogger (I don't remember all of them...).

The first event they hold is Eye Speak Contest. You can go to their website to see the contestants and also be the member of this website and get the 20% off for all Maybelline Products in Matahari Department Store. Awesome, right?
(Click here to visit the website)

You can join the contest if you want to. Now they are holding the 5th contest titled "Sexy Starlet". All you have to do is recreate the look as they show you in the video. This 5th challenge will be ended in January 4th 2013.

I ever joined the third contest. It was "Party Glitterati". And I got the package from Maybelline INA and my pictures became the cover of Maybelline INA FB Page with other 20 beautiful girls.

Here is the picture of the cover :)

And this is the picture I uploaded

I have to smudge the other girls because I don't have their permission to put their picture here :)
If you want to see all the girls, you can visit MAYBELLINE INDONESIA FB PAGE.

Yay! Let's join the website and also the challenge :D

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