July 03, 2014

I am Craving for Macaron

In the middle of the night, I am craving for something really sweet. It's Macaron. I don't have any macaron near me now, so I drew them in paper, then coloring them. Thinking about how sweet the macaron is. Uhuhu seriously, it's really difficult when I crave for something (specially food and cookie) and I can't get it immediately. 

I become a macaron lover after I saw some videos and pictures about this little cutie cookie. I fall in love with its appearance, it's so cute, and its color. Colorful! And then I am trying to bake (bake? cook?) macaron. On the video I watched, baking a macaron is pretty easy. But when I tried it by myself, it's pretty tricky TT_TT. The way we fold the dough, the oven, the temperature, the bla bla bla should be perfect. Otherwise, the macaron will be broken.

Speaking of macaron, everytime I look at macaron, I remember one of Spongebob episode. At that episode, Spongebob made an innovation by creating Pretty Patty. That pretty patty looks exactly same with macaron XD

Um, well, my head is full of macaron. I can't thinking about something else. That's why I write this useless post about macaron :P 


  1. ahhh so cute!!! kawaiii sis!!! I love macaroons too <3 btw, I love the new layout <3

    love lots,



  2. I never had a macaron before but now I want cookies lol

  3. Oh now I want to eat macarons! I love them, they taste soooo good!

  4. aku juga sering craving makanan kalo malem2.. bahaya bangettt



  5. Tineeee wow! It has been a very long time!
    I know right, macaron is sooo delicious :D

    Thank you! I love my new layout too :D

  6. You have to try macaron at least once. It's yummy and sweet :D
    Thanks for your comment

  7. Iyaaa... Haha
    dilema banget yaa XD

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