September 06, 2012

A Friend Photoshoped My Pics

Yesterday, my friend ask me if she could edit my newest pictures... I said, yes, why not?
Well, actually, I edited my pictures already for the contrast, a little bit edited the color to make it looks attractive. But she wanted to change some parts of my face, hehe...

So, here are the pictures :D
The left wasn't edited too much, and the right was edited by my friend.

She made my face looks more chubby, smaller chin and nose, and also brightened my skin tone :D
Which pictures you like more? Edited or not edited that much? Hehe


  1. bulu matanya bikin nge jreng banget..
    aq suka yg warna 2 & 4 ^^

    1. Itu bulu matanya digambar pake eyeliner XD
      Iseng2 biar makin ngejreng gt... Hehe


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