September 05, 2012

Green, Green, Green! Fresh Eye Makeup

This is my first post! Yaayy!
I just bought a new eyeshadow palette, it has 120 colors. Amazing! I love the colors so much!

Actually, this is not my first trial of this new eyeshadow palette. I ever tried a simple makeup wearing this palette when I attended old friend's wedding reception. 

Okay, in today's chance, I chose green as my color that suit to my my lace bolero. 
So, here's the picture that shows the color of my eye makeup.

First, I applied a lemon yellow from my inner corner eyelids to the whole eyelids.
Then, I put the dark green tosca and applied it to the outer corner of my eyelid, blend it to the center of eyelids :)
The last, applied shimmery lime green at the center of my eyelids. Blend, blend all of the colors well :D
At the first, I just applied conventional winged eyeliner and applied nude lipstick color to my lips (don't forget the nude lipgloss). Here's the look: 

A very calm and fresh look. You can use this kind of eye makeup everyday :)

Then, I tried to make it more dramatic.
So... Let's do "anime eyes" using liquid black eyeliner!

Just like anime eyes which have bold eyelashes, draw fake eyelashes at the outer corner of your eyelids . Don't forget to count how many eyelashes you already drew, just to make sure both eyelids look same ;)

See you in the next post ;)

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