September 13, 2012

Ocean Blue Eye Makeup

After getting bored with green, I try to wear another color for my eye makeup. So, today I wore blue! Blue! Blue!
I like this color, but I think this color isn't compliment to my skin tone :(
Well, actually I don't know... Sometimes I look good with this color but sometimes don't. Maybe it's just about choosing the best shade of blue that fits to you :D

Different to my last post, in this post, I documented all the steps :D

I applied the color using my ring finger and my pinkie. I found it faster than using brush, and all the eyeshadow powder got applied to eyelids completely.

For this look I wore three kind of blue, 
first, is this color (look at the second color from your right, above)
I don't what's the name, so let's call it as blue #1

The second color (above, second from left) let's call it as blue #2

The third (above, third from left), blue #3

1. Primer your eyes, to make the colors stand longer. If you don't have any eye primer, you can apply liquid foundation :)

2. Apply the blue #1 using your ring finger just like the picture shows you.

3. Apply the blue #2 above the first one. Apply it until your brow bone. Don't forget to blend the colors.

4. Apply blue #3 in the outer corner of your eyelids. Don't forget to blend :D

5. Using your pinkie, apply blue #1 in the outer corner of you lower lids. And, blend it to the center.

6. You can apply a white eyeliner in you inner corner (waterline). But, because I don't have any white eyeliner right now, I apply a matte white eyeshadow using my pinkie.

7. Line 2/3 of your upper lids using liquid black eyeliner and line 1/2 of your lower lids using pencil liner.
Make a cute wing. Or if you want to, you can make a dramatic eyeliner :D
Don't forget the mascara!

8. Eyes are done :D
Finish your look with peach or baby pink blush, pink or peach lipstick (nude is okay too :D)

 See you in the next post :D

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