January 09, 2014

Product Review: L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

Hello Sugar! How are you? I hope you had a great day in this wonderful month. I always love January, because it's my birth month... Hehe. Anyway, in this blog post I will share my review about L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Instant Perfecting Hair Serum. I bought it about 3 weeks ago. I love it product so much. This serum becomes savior for my hair. 

I was looking for something to tame my hair. My hair was so uneasy to be styled. Messy. I was too lazy to take care of my hair with cem-ceman (urang-aring). So, when I saw this product, without thinking any further, I bought it. Right away.

I was kinda afraid if it wouldn't work well on my hair. The price is pretty expensive, about IDR 68.000- 71.000. So, if it didn't work well on my hair I would be very very sad :(

The first time I hold L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil on my hand, I thought "Wow, it's so heavy". The packaging is made from a thick glass, so yeah, you can imagine how heavy it is. It's not travel friendly. But it's made to be our hair's savior in a every time every condition every situation. So, why they made it so bulky???

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil comes with a pump.

The texture is similar to hair vitamin. But it's lighter. I thought, it would be just the same with the hair vitamin, but I was wrong. It feels lighter than hair vitamin and it doesn't leave any weird feeling on my palm after I apply this serum. So, yeah, it's different with the hair vitamin I've ever tried. 

The scent was weird for me at the first time i apply it on my hair. But than it becomes lighter and lighter, and the scent smells really good afterwards. 

It helps me to tame my hair. Now my hair is tidier, easy to be styled, not frizzy or dry. I love L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil so much. 

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  1. I've read a lot of good reviews on this product! In France, it costs not less than 10 euros (IDR165000) for 100 ml.. That's why I never bought it :s

  2. It's a good product :D
    That's expensive. Then you have to try it while you are in Indonesia :D

  3. I think I'll bought them because the price isn't really expensive in my opini, but loreal say if they will give me for free, so I still waiting for my parcel, so excited to try because some of review say if this is a good product ^^
    btw, did you feel greasy or not after a few time in your hair?

  4. Well, I thought it was pretty expensive because they spent too much for the packaging (just an opinion) :P
    Lucky you XD
    I didn't feel greasy at all. It's just smooth and soft.

  5. the packaging look so lux, I love everything which come in glass, hehe :p
    sound's good, can't waiting to try la~
    because I feel it will make my hair greasy although I have dry hair ;^;

  6. beneran bagus ya nil?
    penasaran pengen beli, kmrn di loreal solo uda ada nih harganya 70rb kl ga salah..kirain bakal minyakan gitu..hehehe

  7. Di aku sih bagus wi...
    Ga minyakan, tapi kalau terlalu banyak pakainya mungkin agak minyakan diawal...

  8. Wahhh punyaku lagi nunggu kiriman dari hadiahnya Ce Carnelin :p
    Seneng deh hasilnya oke ^_^


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