June 08, 2014

How to Use Your Camouflage Concealer Palette Wisely

I have a Make Over camouflage concealer palette which has 5 different colors. If you have no idea how does it look, just think about MUFE camouflage palette. Yeah, it has the similar color and design, perhaps, we can say that Make Over camou is MUFE's dupe. But, It's not the main point I am going to talk about. What I wanna say is, it has 5 different colors that sometimes we don't know how to use it properly and wisely. 

Back to my Make Over camou palette. I just realize that I almost run out of light beige and beige color. But the other 3 colors which are green, purple and orange is almost look like I never touch them. I admit that I don't use all the colors wisely. I always go back to light beige and beige colors again and again even though I don't satisfied by the result of these 2 colors of beige. It doesn't cover my flaws really well. But when I use the other 3 colors, they don't give me a correct result as well. The colors are just too strong, a little bit hard to blend on my skin. 

The camouflage palette is not bad at all. It's all about the way we use and mix the colors. Mixing. Before I talk about colors mixing, let me tell you about 5 basic colors usually use as a concealer, and their function.

If you are an artist or a designer, you definitely know why such colors can cover the flaws on our skin. If you aren't, don't worry, it's actually pretty easy to understand. For practical everyday use, you don't have to know all the theory, just understand these 5 colors would be enough.

As shown the picture above, you know what color can neutralize the flaws on our skin. But, if we are talking about a camouflage concealer palette, the texture of the cream concealer is too thick, so you can't easily blend the colors well with your skin. And if you are over blend the concealer, you will get less coverage. I mean, it's faded up!

The best way to use the green, purple and salmon is by mixing them with the 2 beige colors. Mix the light beige and beige to get the exact color of you skin tone, or maybe lighter than your skin tone (for dark circle), then mix it with green/purple/salmon. You can mix the concealer on your back hand or a clear palette, with finger or brush. I like to mix them on my back hand with finger, because our body temperature will melt the concealer and it will be easier to be applied and blend.

 The other useful function of a camouflage concealer palette is, it can be used as an eyeshadow base. All the colors can be used as an eyeshadow base. All you need is find the right base color for your eyeshadow. Here I give you a general view of which color best for some eyeshadow colors.

Okay, that's all. I hope you find this post helpful, and see you in next post. Xoxo


  1. Wow, info yang bagus banget ini Nil ^_^
    Thank you untuk infonya ^_^

  2. Really nice info kak ,dari dulu gak tau gunanya concealer ijo sama ungu ,sekarang tau deh
    Btw kak gambar color for redness sama yg dark circle hasilnya cover your dull skin?


  3. sangat membantu nil post ini, kdg kita suka bingung pny camuflage warna-warni tp gatau cara pakenya >_< jd cuma dicolek yg warnanya sama kyk kulit (concealer) haha

  4. Wahaha... Itu salah, tulisannya lupa diganti waktu ganti warnanya XD
    Ikutin judulnya aja ya~ hehe

  5. Hehe... Akunjg dulu gitu ga pake warna yg lain XD
    Beli cuma karena warna warni,.. Haha

  6. Wah makasi udah di edit bagannya. Jadi kepengen mau beli makeover pallete satu ini.hihihi


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