June 27, 2014

An Easy Way to Get A Healthy Glowing Face

A glowing healthy face is everyone's dream. It's not difficult to get a healthy glowing face. You only need to keep your face clean, and moisturized. Dead skin cells will make your face looks dull, and under-moisturized skin will lost its glow. Here I am going to share one of my favorite way to get a healthy glowing face. It's easy, relaxing, natural and less expensive.

It's called as oil cleansing method. As you can see on my previous posts, I talked about oil, both carrier oil and essential oil. I am obsessed with them. It can be used as moisturizer or even face cleanser. 

The oil I use in my daily Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) is grape seed oil (suitable for my combination and acne prone skin, and it is an astringent agent), and sunflower oil (the only reason I use this oil just to balance the lightness of grape seed oil, so it is more suitable for cleansing). All the oil is easy to find, you can find it in a supermarket. I also put some drops of rose geranium essential oil (just because I like the smell) so I can relax my mind and body while cleansing my face. You can put whatever essential oil you like, about 5 drops/ 100 ml of carrier oil, but don't forget to make sure that the essential oil you chose is suitable for your skin.

How to do the OCM is pretty easy. First, put some cleansing oil on your palm, don't put too much, 2-3 pump is enough. Rub your pal together, and put them on your face. Start to massage your face lightly in circular motion. 

What i like from OCM is, your face will not get irritated even though you massage your skin for 5 minutes. The longer you massage your face, the more dirt and dead skin cell will come out from your pores.

After that, soak a clean towel in warm water. Then put the warm towel on to your face, and let it on your face until it becomes cooler. Repeat this 3-5 times. Wipe your face with the towel and warm water to remove the excess oil, dirt and dead skin cell.

After that, you can spray a cool toner. I will share the recipe of my favorite natural toner next time.

The result?

You will get a fresh skin, and it doesn't dry at all. You also will get the glow instantly. 


Do OCM once a day (PM)


If you don't clean your face properly before, your face may purging. But it's worthy.

That's it. I hope it's helpful. See on next post.

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  1. gimana kalo pake olive oil? soalnya lebih gampang di dapet dr pada grape seed oil disini huhu :3
    terus boleh ga kalo udah OCM dibersiin lg mukanya pke sabun muka?

  2. Bisa, olive oil jg bagus terutama utk kulit kering. Kalau aku ga cocok sm olive oil :)

  3. http://www.minimalistbeauty.com/oils-specifically-for-acne-prone-skin/

    Smoga bs mmbntu

  4. Oiya, setelahnya ga usah pakai sabun lagi, udah bersih kok, tinggal dikasih toner :)


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