November 04, 2013

Autumn Love

It just a quick yet short post about the eye makeup I created today.

I combined two colors, red purple and light olive (but it looks like yellowish gold here TT_TT).

I applied the light olive on my lids, and blended it with a fluffy brush.
Then I applied the red purple on my crease, blend it with the previous color well.

Line you eyes with black eyeliner, and apply lashes to achieve more elegant look.

For lips, I wore red lipstick... The darker one.


  1. whoaaaa cakep cakep aku suka lihat perpaduan warnanya <3

  2. Cakep ya warnanya? Hehe
    Padahal itu aslinya si kuning ada hijau-hijaunya, tapi kameraku ga bisa nangkep... >_<


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