October 06, 2013

Product Review: Ageha Super Big in Brown (Sponsored)

Japan Softlens sent me this softlens. But I promise you, my lovely reader, that this review is honest and objective.

Hello there! How are you? Today's post is about a review of a softlens that lately has become a new favorite lens of some beauty blogger. I wanted to try one too. Luckily, Japan Softlens sent me one of their collection, it's Ageha Super Big, I got the brown one.

I really looove the pattern on its packaging. It's pink with a flowery and butterfly pattern. Sooo pretty!
There's a "how to" guide (in Japanese, but the picture is informative), a softlens case, and the softlens itself. And yes, there's a freebie, a lipstick-like pen. So cute! Hahaha...

The color of the softlens is pretty, it's natural yet beautiful. The pattern is simple so it gives us the natural look. It helps to brighten your eyes and it also helps you to get a dolly eyes look. 

Left is without softlens, right is with softlens. Ignore my messy falshies, I was putting it of while I remembered I have to take a pict of the comparison :P

Wearing Ageha Super Big in Brown. Under room light. The color is brighter under sunlight.

Japan Softlens claims that this softlens is most comfortable softlens in Asia. I can't say that this softlens is the most comfortable because I haven't tried all brands. Lol. So, let us see what most people say about this softlens.

1. People say: It's very comfortable. I say: Yes, it is! The softlens itself is very thin. But it's just like the other thin softlens, I think.

2. People say: We don't need eye drops while wearing it. I say: Yes. The softlens doesn't dry fast like any other softlens. It also doesn't make my eyes dry. I never wear it for more than 8 hours. Although it's very comfortable I still can't take a risk.

3. People say: We can wear it for a whole day. I say: Maybe, but I don't want to take a risk.

So, the conclusion is.............

I'm impressed with its "doesn't dry fast" power. It doesn't irritate my eyes. So, based on my experience, I believe that this softlens is safety. And yesssss it makes your eyes look bigger! Sooo kawaii! XDD

It's me wearing these lovely softlens

About the softlens:

Brand: Ageha
Series: Super Big
Color: Brown, Grey
Type: Plano - Minus ( 0 - 6)
DIA: 15 mm (17 mm while worn)
BC: 8.8
Price: IDR178.000
About Japan Softlens:
Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡ They SHIP WORLDWIDE


  1. Iya git... berkat softlens dan bulu mata... hehehhee

  2. Belooo', pengen deh, tp aq pernah pake yang bikin belo' gini kok cepet merah ya mataku? :(
    Tapi bukan brand ini sih ..


  3. Aku juga pernah pakai softlens yang besar tapi benar2 ga nyaman rasanya... Tapi kalau yang ini kerasa nyaman :) tapi tetep sih aku prefer yang diameter lebih kecil... Hehehe

    Jadi cepat merah mungkin juga karena lengkung dari softlensnya ga pas, jadi bagian pinggir menggesek bola mata... Bikin iritasi...

  4. kka cantik.,
    klo bole tau pake foundi sma bedak ap kak ?


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