October 10, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for Oily Face

Few days (or weeks?) I bought a new foundation from Maybelline. It's Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I chose shade madium I or Sandy Beige. I really hope this foundation works well on my face.

The pakaging:

The packaging is really nice. It's quite small for a foundation. It's made from glass (body) and plastic (top). The diameter is about 5-6 cm. But there's a hygiene issue. Because we have to use our finger or spatula or brush to take the foundation. However, I still love the packaging.

The texture:

It's really like mousse. And doesn't have feel that this product has oil in it. It's easy to blend on my face. It's made for you who have oily skin type. If you have dry-normal skin, you can choose the one with pump (it's also mousse but made for you who have dry-normal skin type).

The shade:

I don't know how many shades they have exactly. But I'm sure it's more than 4 shades. The basic shade of Maybelline in Indonesia are Light, Natural, Honey Beige and Sand Beige (which are the basic shade for most Maybelline's powder here). So, I'm sure this Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse suit many shades of skin.

The Coverage:

I am impressed with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse coverage. It has medium-high coverage. You can see the result on the picture below.
 I only wear 1 layer with a little amount of foundation. So, I believe that this 18 gr foundation will not empty that fast.

The Staying Power:

 Pretty awesome. I wear it for 8 hours and it's still there. Not cakey, but a little bit oily on my T-Zone especially my nose tip (Super Oily type).

The Price:

I got it for IDR 95K. It's a promo price. I don't know how much the real price is. But It's quite affordable because I only need a little amount to cover my face.


If you follow my instagram, maybe you saw my post about pimples I got after wearing this product. But, after second, third and fourth trial, I prove that Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse doesn't cause the pimples. It's actually my period... :P :P :P Sorry... Hahah

So.... The Conclusion:

I looove this product!

Have you tried this product yet?


  1. Aku pernah coel - coel ini di counter. Hahaha. Enak banget ya dicoel - coel gitu, membal gitu kan xD Ringan ga nih say foundienya?

    (>ω<*)ノ neni ❤

  2. Iya,, enak banget di coel-coel... hehhee... kayak busa... XD
    Foundie ini cukup ringan, tapi mesti tipis2... kalau ga jadi kerasa aneh...

  3. coveragenya oke nih, pas juga buat kulit berminyak. kemarin liat2 di counternya maybelline ada ini, dan ternyata udah direview sama kak nila, yay! :D

  4. walahhh ternyata karena period toh neng hahahaa brarti aman lah yaa ini?mihihi

  5. Iya... untung warnanya pas sama kulitku...
    Aku ga tahu tentang blush itu... aku baru sih di dunia make up gini .... :)

  6. iya, coveragenya oke, aku kira dia akan agak sheer gitu... Dan hasil matte. Cocok bgt utk yang oily :D

  7. Hahhaa... iya va... ternyata eh ternyata...
    aman va.. gampang dibersihkan juga... :)

  8. mihihi sama aja kok say, diriku juga baruuu :3 cuma pernah liat aja blogger lain bilang gitu katanya :D

  9. nambah lagi racun yg masuk dalam list, tolong!

  10. bener2 penasaran sm teksturnyaaa.. ky bubuk gitu ya klo diliat :O

  11. lebih kayak busa yg padat dan berat gitu ce...
    enak disentuh-sentuh :3


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