January 02, 2013

I Joined A Giveaway From BeautyFoodLife.blogspot.com

Whoop! This is the first time I join any giveaway on blog.
One of the rules is I have to post something about this giveaway on my blog :D
So, if you live in Indonesia, come to join this giveaway :D

The author of this blog is really amazing. She already got more than 200 followers in only 4 months blogging! Awesome, right??

Okay, here is the banner of the giveaway :D
If you want to join or visit here blog, please click here


  1. good luck yaa...ditunggu utk submit ibb makeup challenge Must Have Red :D

    1. Aku udah submit di ibb makeup challenge :)
      Makasih ya atas pencerahannya... hehe :D


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