July 11, 2013

Etude House Healthy Face Movement

OMG! Silly me! This article hadn't published for few weeks! It was buried on my draft "collection". >_<
It's not a hot news anymore TT___TT

Few days ago, I was invited to join a blogger gathering with Etude House Indonesia. They would launch new products (CC Cream and BB Cream Cotton Fit). Wow! Lucky me~ I've read so many reviews about the CC Cream and have been thinking to try one because some says that even the CC Cream has white color, it blends well on every tone of skin. Sounds nice for me who has medium-dark skin tone.

I'm not a fan of Korean cosmetic products. It's simply because they don't have products (such the BB Cream) that fit my skin. It always too light/pale. So, will CC Cream help to like at least one of their product? You will know the answer in my review about it ;)

The event was held in Mall Taman Anggrek. It's really far away from my home! But it was Saturday, and the traffic wasn't as crazy as weekday. It's okay. Haha.

On the event, Oh, wow! I was so excited, all the decoration was pink. Looove it <3

The blogger gathering itself was pretty fun. There were an announcement of Healthy Face Movement, Launching of CC Cream and BB Cream Cotton Fit, and Make Up Competition.

Healthy Face Movement

Etude House cares about face health. That's why they make this movement to help Indonesian women cares about their face too.

How to take care of face with Etude House's Way?

1. Clean your face with cleanser and toner in the morning.
2. Use a light foundation on your face (CC Cream and BB Cream)
3. Clean your face in the evening.

Simple way to help us get a healthier face skin.

CC Cream and BB Cream Cotton Fit 

Got them for free in the goody bag :D

 Ah, I will write a review about it :)

Make Up Competition

This one should be the most exciting activity. But, yeah, to be honest, I wasn't that excited. The BB Cream made my face look sooooo gray. -____-
I was wondering if I apply it too much or anything. We will know the answer in my review.

Who's sitting next to me?
They are Riyanti and Jilly! You can read their awesome helpful blog by clicking on their name :D


  1. where have you been.... aahh lama sekali menanti pos mu hehehehe

  2. Aaa ternyata aku dikangenin :D (eh, iya kan? ya kan? Hehe)

    Iya nih, banyak yang mau ditulis cuma ga sempet2... (sok sibuk)

  3. diriku juga menanti mu~ hahaha
    buru post lagi gihh

  4. Awww Laurennn XD
    iya~ nanti malem yah

  5. Blogger events always look so fun!


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