May 21, 2013

Product Review: Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick

Hello all! I just bought a lipstick from Indonesian local brand, Pixy. I used to avoid pixy product because when I was a teenager, both lipstick and powder from Pixy ruined my face and lips! But lately, I read some reviews from Indonesian blogger fellows about Pixy's lipstick, and it's great, make me want to try it again. I think they already change the formula into a better one.

I bought Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick series in Peach Punch (404). It has a semi matte texture (for me, it has creamy texture). 

The packaging appearance is pretty good, but I think it's kinda fragile, because the tester packaging on the store already break. So I guess, I have to open it carefully to lengthen its lifespan. Hehe.

It's not very pigmented. But the other color (the bolder one) is quite pigmented :) I'm impressed!
Here's the swatch. First picture is 1 swatch, second picture is 2 swatches. It has really nice color.

But the color doesn't appear so well on my lips. It looks like an almost nude color. Well, but I need this color and it covers my lips pretty well, so it's okay :P
How much does it cost? It's about IDR 23.000. It's cheap but it has an "okay" quality. The staying power is okay, but you have to touch up after drinking and eating. And yes, it leaves a mark on your cup of tea.

Here's a picture of me (ehehe) wearing Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Peach Punch (404). My cheeks get chubbier, I can't stop eating 5 times a day... OMG, OMG, OMG... so many delicious food around me... Hihi

 See you next time :*



  1. aduh cantiknya eneng inihhh >.<
    softlensnya merk apa ? *loh :P

  2. Thank you Cay :D
    Ini Cay Doremi yg di FB kan ya?

    Itu softlensnya merk Summer Doll baby color warna brown... aku kurang cocok sih sm warnanya terlalu kuning... lebih suka yang warna chocolate, lebih gelap *curhat

  3. Tp cantik koq, matanya jdi lebih hidup :))
    iya yg fbnya cay doremi :D
    salam kenal yaa :))

  4. mana ada chubbie chubbie nya ? orang chubbie tersungging nih hahaha
    cantiiiiiiiiiiiik gitu :3 <3333

  5. natural beauty, cantik bgt!
    jadi pengen cona lipsticknya :)

  6. cantiknyaaa :D
    murah tapi keliatan oke lipsticknya, jadi pengen nyobaaaa :)

  7. I love your blog!❤

  8. Dear, km cakep bgt..
    Pas lihat foto prtama aku pikir michelle phan lho... :)
    Love your last EOTD, tpi ga bsa leave comment d stu..

    Thank you for nice comment on mine ya..

  9. Wiii thanks riyanti :D

    Iya say, beberapa bilang aku mirip michelle phan tapi aku sendiri bingung bagian mananya yang mirip ya... Hehe

    Eh? Iya ya? Aku cek dulu kenapa ya bisa post comment di sana. thanks ya udah kasih tau ;)

  10. mata dan senyumnya sama... hahaha

    thank you ya uda d folbek.. :)

  11. owh... i see... hehe

    Sama2 dear ;)

  12. The color looks quite nice on you!


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